What are the essential features of the cosmetic OEM supplier?

An OEM Cosmetic factory (Kilang kosmetik) jenama sendirishould have some essential features as follows to help you with desired products.
Expertise in specific product
It would be helpful if you can find an OEM supplier who is specialized in the production of the product that you are about to buy. So, you need not shed any effort as everything would be taken care of by the manufacturer.
When a fault happens in the production of the product, the manufacturer should take responsibility for it. Sometimes, even a high-quality and certified manufacturer would also miss an action in the production that could end up in the deviation of the quality of the product during your launch. However, if the manufacturer accepts the mistake and proceeds to correct it and neglect it in the future, your business would not get affected. However, when a company is finding ways to get itself out of the issue, your cooperation with that OEM could be troublesome. So, you should find an OEM company that is accountable.
Ability to produce
It is vital to make sure that the manufacture has the necessary facilities to produce the product as you want. Some newbie OEMs might not have the high-quality and diverse equipment that could produce a wide range of products. So, you should do some research to end up with a company with enough resources and the ability to provide you with quality products.
Quality check
Whatever they do, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to give you a high-quality product that would be helpful to your customers and will not hurt you in any way. So, the manufacturing unit should have proper personnel and procedures to check the quality of the finished products. They could also arrange a third-party provider for the quality-checking process.