A Guide To Buy CSGO Prime Accounts

The CSGO Prime account is the holy grail. They are much more valuable than unranked accounts and come at a higher cost than your average CSGO account.

We have a guide that will help you learn everything about CSGO Prime Accounts and how to buy them at a low price. You’ll know why CSGO Prime Accounts are so valuable and the average cost of buying a CSGO Prime Account.

Why Are CSGO Prime Accounts Special?

CSGO Prime accounts come with a variety of benefits that unranked CSGO accounts do not. Not only can they matchmaking in any game mode, but their inventory is also unlocked and fully stocked with all the items you need to improve your gameplay instantly.

What Is The Cost Of Buying A CSGO Prime Account?

The price for a prime account depends on how much money you want to spend on it. For example, if you Buy CSGO Prime Accounts from websites where they are available at discounted prices, different packages will be offered according to price ranges.

Usually, these ranges somewhere between $20-USD 150 per month or even cheaper when buying in bulk amounts like six months upfront (USD 120).

How To Buy CSGO Prime Accounts?

If you want to buy prime accounts, look for credible websites that offer them for the lowest price; please visit and choose the right package.

Don’t forget to look for packages that include bonus items like skins and knives, which will help your gameplay immensely!


All in all, buying a CSGO Prime Account can help you enhance your gaming experience as you will compete against quality players. This will make the game more thrilling and exciting for you as you won’t have to tolerate hackers and newbies.